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Address: 30 North Street
Perth, Ontario Canada K7H 2S7
Business Description:

Consultation and treatment of chronic and acute illness for the whole family. Most homeopathic remedies are included with consultation fee.

Business Phone Number: 866 973 6339
Address: 5 Gore Street West
Perth, ON Canada K7H 2L5
Business Description:

- Massage Therapy
- Acupuncture
- Personal Training Sessions
- Brain Based Wellness/Stress Management Services
- Customized Orthotics
- Nutritional Supplements
- Pillows
- Hot/Cold Packs
- Back Supports
- Aromatherapy/Essential Oils
- Natural Pain Relief
- Hydro Massage
- Infrared Sauna
- Gift Certificates

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Business Phone Number: 613 - 264 - 0616
Address: 30 North Street
Perth, On Canada K7H 2S7
Business Description:

The Lotus Wings Building is a collection of practitioners who provide their services in the Lotus Wings Building located in the beautiful and historical town of Perth, Ontario, Canada.

This is a ‘Wellness Centre’ featuring the practices of nine dedicated entrepreneurs who come together to empower each other professionally while delivering their “Best Practice” to their clients. Our services include Massage, Reiki, Counseling, Reflexology, Quantum Touch, Aromatherapy, Psych-K, Law of Attraction Coaching, Intuitive Energy Healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Chakra Clearing and Cleansing, Energetic Support for Children and The Old Vape Shop.

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Business Phone Number: 613-913-2803
Address: 30 North St
Perth , Ontario
K7H 2S7
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Business Description:

Specialties include manicures, pedicures, gel nails and more!
Our manicures and pedicures will leave your nails feeling strong, healthy and polished to perfection.
We use the latest products and techniques to provide you with safe, durable and creative nail services.

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Business Phone Number: 613 331-4096
Address: Lotus Wings
30 North St.
Perth, ON
K7H 2S7
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Business Description:

The predominant influence in her style of work comes from Chinese Therapeutic Massage and Myofascial Release Therapy. The treatments are at times vigorous, yet incredibly sedating, as the the larger muscle groups are 'cajoled' into releasing, plus taking extra time to work those contracted areas means a deeper tissue level is reached without undue pain. This results in your body truly being able to relax, take the treatment in and ultimately be more effective in affecting changes in the tissue, especially good for pain reduction, compacted joints, spine and neck and seized or contracted muscles.

Monika listens to the feedback siganls that each body on her table sends, telling her when to release, when to move in deeper, when to leave or return. This enables an extremely tailored treatement as your body signals are listened to and lead the way.

Monika has studied Chinese Therapeutic Massage with Chongding Zhang, a traditional Chinese Medical doctor from China, who is also a Chi Gong Master. She apprenticed 1 year with Bill Rhodenizer of Fascial North, a physiotherapist in Ottawa, who practises solely Myofascial Release Therapy. She has done course work with the John Barnes passive Myofascial therapy seminars. She has completed course work with the Upledger Institute in lymphatic drainage and complimented that with further lymphatic drainage course work with Janet McFarland, owner and teacher of Cookstown Physiotherapy.
Available at Lotus Wings in Perth on Fridays from 9AM - 9PM

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Business Phone Number: 613-857-7031